Open source architecture and planning

A gold mine in Canada had a problem - its seams were being used up and it did not know where to dig next. The owner published all the mining and geological information they had on the internet and invited comments. He received some brilliant suggestions. I recommend we do the same with all planning … Continue reading Open source architecture and planning

How many States are there in the USA?'state' "A state is a sovereign entity." "According to my dictionary a commonwealth is a state with self government, in other words a democracy or republic. Those who see no difference between a commonwealth and a state are deluding themselves." "However, if you're asking about Virginia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, or Pennsylvania (the four "states" in the … Continue reading How many States are there in the USA?

Community planning

Sahil Housing Association Unit 2C Leroy House 436 Essex Road Islington London N1 3QP IPS reg 28267R Member National Housing Federation Federation of Black Housing Organisations Homeless Link Association of London Somali Organisations G320 Mohamed Abdullah Chief Executive 07949 565 103 020 7226 4494 The Somali community – Where we are from, where … Continue reading Community planning