Complete redesign of health systems?

A few years ago I had a battery of tests for everything before they decided I had allergic asthma. The whole assessment process took over a year of out patients seeing heart nurses and various other species. We have many many similar stories of people going from one specialist to another and no -one really … Continue reading Complete redesign of health systems?

Many years from now

Yep, it's a mess, but it's part of the power the Social Security Administration has when you're on their roster. This all came as a surprise to me, but they have the right to conduct what they call a "Continuing Disability Review." Depending on your condition, these reevaluations can be conducted every one, three, or … Continue reading Many years from now


In the fifteenth century in Renaissance Italy, the main cities like Venice and Florence had groups of influential individuals who met together regularly to think about and plan about the issues they were facing. These were called Operas. Might these ideas help in areas of need? The European Union is using the concept of durability … Continue reading Opera

Design for all Barcelona 21 March 2009 A day with Gaudi!

Today has been the equivalent of a day with high quality drugs, opium, LSD, cocaine. With my ipod playing extremely relevant tunes at appropriate times, like 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire. On Thurday it played randomly Queen Barcelona on La Rambla! What has Gaudi to do with disability? I think he is the high priest, … Continue reading Design for all Barcelona 21 March 2009 A day with Gaudi!