Monkseaton School

“The core structure of spaced learning is based rigidly on Fields’ discoveries, with three stimulations separated by two ten minute gaps:

Teacher input of key facts/explanations ( and therefore pathway stimulation)
10 minute ‘break’ from the input
Teacher Input of key facts/explanations
10 minute ‘break’ from the input
teacher input of key facts / explanations
We knew that the brain pathway we were forming could not be stimulated during the ‘breaks’. So we consulted Terry Whatson of The Open University, who advised physical activities would probably ensure we were stimulating other parts of the brain during the breaks. We experimented with a variety of different activities for the breaks, to give the pathways we were creating the required gap from stimulation stressed by Field’s research.

The teacher inputs in spaced learning can be compressed to cover the precise details that you want the students to remember, allowing you to cover large amounts of theory in a very short time. You are essentially packaging information on the basis of its importance; you are in complete control of the brain stimulation occurring, and therefore what they are learning. The removal of everything except important learning means that the actual teaching time can be many times faster than normal. In effect, you can cram so much more into each minute of learning.”

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