Complete redesign of health systems?

A few years ago I had a battery of tests for everything before they decided I had allergic asthma. The whole assessment process took over a year of out patients seeing heart nurses and various other species.

We have many many similar stories of people going from one specialist to another and no -one really working out what is going on – unfortunate drug interactions are common.

Is the problem actually that the hospitals and health services are not actually designed?

I have just done an accessibility course, and the key question is about flow – how easily can someone get to, in, around and out of a building?

I want to ask that question about how easily can someone meet a team of people and how easily can they work together to find the right solutions?

I have no evidence that anyone is designing hospitals and health services from that perspective.

This would mean a large comprehensive assessment area with teams working together to work it out quickly. It probably means abolishing wards – what you have as part of the assessment flow is that some people require on site hotel facilities.

Once a treatment, probably series of interactions have been agreed, these are then delivered as required, probably from mobile units, so that the hospital facilities may be rejigged as required.

This would eventually be extended to the general environment and the person’s home.

Is not the idea of someone going to an unplanned hospital archaic? I know this is a bit production line, but actually, why did it take over a year to confirm asthma?

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Topic 87 [gimp.ind]: Designing hospitals
#1 of 1: Clive Durdle (clivedurdle) Mon Feb 8 ’10 (09:39) 8 lines

A colleague at work who is Sri Lankan commented that the model I propose above is actually how it is done on whole chunks of the planet. In the West we have a plague of fear so that everything is documented
to avoid lawyers, instead of doing it properly, and require appointments and split up everything.

William Morris in News from Nowhere commented about the age before bureaucracy.

gimp.ind 89: Gimps Outside the USA
#6 of 7: (wickett) Sat 20 Feb 2010 (09:31 PM)

When I first was diagnosed with MS in the US, I gathered together a team of my previous physicians and the most recent acquisitions. I don’t know that they ever met in person, but they certainly communicated by phone and fax and figured out what to do to rally round and then help me.

The hospital, however, was all set to send me to a nursing home without my agreement. They had the power to do so.

A friend and I cleverly / deviously outsmarted them, though.



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