Access Audits

Accessibility Audits

1 An access audit of buildings and services

This uses a philosophy of how the building and services are experienced by someone who is new to an organisation. It is best carried out when the building is busy and follows a journey sequence of entrance, circulation, facilities and services, and exit.

The audit will include publicity, website, transport, approach routes, entrance and reception, communal areas, rooms, communication, signs, finding your way around, circulation, work processes, toilets, lighting and acoustics.

The idea of “ICE” “Individually controlled environments” is becoming a valuable template. How does somewhere look, feel, smell, sound, how noisy is it, are heating levels and lighting levels controllable, what colours and textures are used?

2 An audit of business processes

Excellent businesses give equal consideration to their direction and the day to day. This is often expressed in terms of vision, mission, teams, resources, results. Our experience is that looking at these issues from an equalities and whole system perspective is an excellent way to assure the quality of a business.

This is best done through a brief focussed confidential discussion with the senior management team, and a brief look at business plan headings.

3 Training and consultancy

Staff training is a valuable way to embed thinking and processes. Because of difficulties in operating an organisation, it may be possible to do this in small groups for limited times.


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