An Accessibility Wiki?

I have just attended the Accessiblity Auditing course at the Centre for Accessible Environments

We were given a fascinating reading list and discussed all sorts of standards from around the world.

There is now a huge amount of knowledge about disability related issues and some fascinating thinking and solutions.

How accessible is this brilliant knowledge? Would a wiki type solution be appropriate? How may this knowledge be managed accessibly?

There is a site called the secular web that brings together atheism related matters in an online library format with a now spun off discussion board. Is there anything similar or a way to join up all the knowledge
about accessibility out there?

For more information on the Disability Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers (DSG-AAG), recent and upcoming activities, visit

About 6 yrs ago someone tried a project like that. His name slips me now
because it became too much for him to manage. It certainly would be a good

Scott Rains
The Rolling Rains Report


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